SCREAMING LEFTISTS Storm Midnight Mass in Spain – Demand Free Abortions (Video)

SCREAMING GODLESS LEFTISTS stormed the parish church of San Felix outside of Barcelona during Midnight Mass.
They disrupted the service for 15 minutes to demand free abortions.
The Eponymous Flower reported:

Leftist abortionists and feminists disrupted a Midnight Mass in Spain on Christmas night to demand “full and free abortion”. The incident took place in the parish church of San Felix in Sabadell near Barcelona.

The abortion fanatics wanted to act as Herodians and chose therefore targeted the Creche, in which the birth of Jesus is celebrated. As the antithesis of the happy birth of a child, and specifically of the Redeemer, they demanded “full and free abortion”.

The Mass was interrupted by the disruption for fifteen minutes. Even before the arrival of the police the Mass attendees urged the vandals with their placards out of the church.

In Germany – A naked FEMEN protester ruined Christmas mass at the main cathedral in Cologne.
The woman climbed onto the altar and started screaming.

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