Obama Pushed Israel to Release Palestinian Killers – Palestinians Give Killers a Hero’s Welcome

The Palestinian Authority gave a hero’s welcome to 26 prisoners released by Israel this week.
The prisoners were convicted of murder or attempted murder and had been jailel by Israel.

The release of the 26 terrorists was a result of the pressure being imposed on Israel by the Obama administration.

The BBC reported:


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas greets the prisoners freed by Israel in Ramallah.

Israeli authorities have freed a group of 26 Palestinian prisoners as part of a US-brokered agreement to resume direct peace talks.

The prisoners were greeted by cheering crowds on their return to the West Bank and Gaza.

Israel approved the releases on Saturday, but they were delayed to allow victims’ families to appeal.

The prisoners committed murder or attempted murder before the 1993 Oslo accords and have served 19 to 28 years.

They make up the third tranche of a total of 104 prisoners to be freed.

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