Making the Rounds: Barry Soetoro’s Columbia University School ID

This picture is making the rounds on the internet today.
Young Barry Soetoro at Columbia University.
barry soetoro columbia

It’s so hard keeping up with this guy’s story.
One day he’s telling everybody he’s from Kenya.
Even writing it in a book:

Then you find out he’s Indonesian.
It’s all so confusing.


UPDATE: The ID is a fake. The book bio was reportedly a “mistake by the publisher.”

UPDATE: More from Mara Zebest:

The bio is NOT fake NOR is it a MISTAKE. Whenever a book is published… the AUTHORS WRITE THEIR OWN BIO and present the bio to the publisher.

From there the bio (like everything else in the book) goes through extensive editors for grammatical errors and general reviews.

Next, the bio (or sometimes referred to as the front matter and back matter) are sent back to the author for what is termed an AR (Author Review) in which the author approves the final text statements (especially if there are suggested changes). Only after several eyes review everything and the author gives his/her stamp of approval — is all the book material then sent to production.

Production puts together a pre-press version of the book and guess what? The pre-press version often goes back out to the editors and the author to make sure no mistakes are present before the book goes to press.

So for Obama to claim that he knew nothing about his bio and to additionally claim that the bio information was a mistake is completely absurd.

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