Democrats Won’t Bring House O-Care Fix Up in the Senate

Barack Obama promised Americans over 30 times
“If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance, period.”

But it was a lie.
Over five million Americans have lost their health insurance thanks to Obamacare and only 106,000 have signed up for a new government sponsored plan.  On Thursday, Obama bragged that 396,261 people signed up for Medicaid last month – an already broke program.

Today House Republicans held Democrats to their word and voted on legislation allowing Americans to keep their insurance if they like their insurance. 39 Democrats joined Republicans in the bipartisan vote.

But, it will likely end there…
Senate Democrats won’t vote on the ObamaCare fix the House approved on Friday with 39 Democratic votes.
The Hill reported:

Senate Democrats do not expect to vote on the ObamaCare fix the House approved on Friday with 39 Democratic votes, according to a senior Democratic aide.

The aide said there is not any pressure on the Senate Democratic leadership to bring the legislation sponsored by Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) to the floor.

“There is a difference between constructive fixes designed to improve the law and bills that would gut it,” said the senior Democratic aide. “The Upton bill is the latter.”
Upton’s bill would allow insurance companies to offer the less expensive, limited plans that do not meet all of the more stringent requirements under ObamaCare.

Millions of people have been told their existing plans have been or will be canceled, and the GOP bill is meant to address that.

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