LEAN FORWARD… MSNBC Suspends Unhinged Homophobic Host Alec Baldwin

MSNBC Suspends Unhinged Homophobic Host ALec Baldwin
But only for two weeks.

This came after the MSNBC host was caught on tape hurling gay slurs at a photographer.
baldwin fag

Baldwin called the paparazzi “a c*cksucking f*g.”
He has a bad habit of using language that’s considered offensive to gays.

Andrew Marcus offered this mock ad of the Capital One spokesman earlier today:
cocksucking baldwin

More… Zipity added:

Sure. Paula Deen gets nailed to a f’ing cross for something she said YEARS ago.

And this serial homophobe gets his hand slapped with a kid glove.

And Liberals wonder why we despise their blatant hypocrisy.

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