IRAN DISSES OBAMA: Gov’t TV Broadcasts ‘Down With America’ to Mark Nuclear Deal

Guest Post by Kristinn Taylor

The Iranian government stuck it to President Barack Obama today with government run television broadcasting a “Down with America” celebration during live coverage of the return of Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. The Iranian minister returned from Geneva after completing a deal on Iran’s nuclear program with the U.S. and leading world powers, according to a BBC reporter.

Ali Hamedani, Persian reporter for the BBC, posted on Twitter:
zarif return


IRIB is covering Zarif’s arrival in Tehran with a montage of anti American pictures. Subtitle is down with America in Persian and English.

When asked if “down with America” is a step up in anti-American rhetoric from the Iranian government’s use of “death to America”, Hamedani said,

“no difference, they usually use both…”

IRIB is the initials for Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

Last month, groups in Iran announced an art contest with a $3500 prize for the best “Down with America” presentations. According to the Washington Times, the contest sought entries on “Why is the U.S. not reliable?” “The U.S. and oppression” and “The U.S. and global Zionism.” A website promoting the content features a cartoon of Uncle Sam clutching a medieval mace.

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