Obama Approval Plummets: Liberal College Students At Boulder, CO Campus Blame Obama and Democrats For Shutdown (Video)

More evidence Rush is right.

Boulder, Colorado was named the “4th best city for hippies.”  Obama’s approval rating just plummeted to 37% .  Apparently, the other 63% include Liberal college students at the University of Colorado Boulder.  They think Obama and his Democrats are responsible for the shutdown.

Townhall reported:

Weird things happen in Boulder Colorado — it has a gorilla run to support apes in Uganda, locals dash around naked wearing pumpkin heads Halloween night (sorry, not offering up a link) and let’s just say 4/20 is the locals’ favorite date.

Despite the city’s liberal background, students at the University of Colorado Boulder on Tuesday blamed President Obama and Democrats more than the GOP for the partial government shutdown.

“Everybody is blaming Obama and the Democrats, is this normal?” Caleb Bonham of Campus Reform asked after several undergraduates quickly identified the culprit.“Um, no I don’t think so but I’m glad,” a student responded.

Even in Hippyville, the GOP is winning Obama’s own game.

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