Figures. Obamacare Website Developers Plagiarized Code – And It Still Doesn’t Work

obamacare all

Reports are emerging that not only is completely dysfunctional, it’s plagiarized.

Obamacare Website Violates Licensing Agreement for Copyrighted Software

Even a cursory comparison of the two scripts removes any doubt that the source for the script used at is indeed the SpryMedia script.

THE WEEKLY STANDARD contacted SpryMedia for comment.  A representative for the company said that they were “extremely disappointed” to see the copyright information missing and will be pursuing it further… (h/t @abnormousnox)

Enjoy entering your private health and income info into this hacked together disinterface.

What are the odds the Chinese have already hacked it? What are the odds a low level 3rd party outsourced security tech like Edward Snowden has already hacked it?


The lifted code can be seen below. (via TorrentFreak)


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