#NeverForget – 9:57 AM EST: United Flight 93 “Let’s Roll”

When the Islamist hijackers took over United Airlines flight 93, they flew the plane low to the ground to evade detection. In doing so, their hostages were able to use their cell phones to call for help.

The news they received when they called their loved one’s wasn’t good. America knew it was under attack, and the brave souls on flight 93 faced the grim reality that they had no choice but to fight to take control of the aircraft.

Below, GTE supervisor Lisa Jefferson describes her conversation with passenger Todd Beamer as he was gathering with others to take a stand against the hijackers. At the end of the call, Todd says to the others, “Are you ready to go? Okay. Let’s Roll!”


And with that, a pack of brave Americans began fighting back against the global Jihad on 9/11. It was the first punch back in what has been a years long fight.

#NeverForget #NeverSurrender

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