Liberal Hypocrisy Alert: Hamilton College Segregates For Diversity Program About Race… UPDATE: Program Canceled After Exposure

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Liberals are the real racists obsessed with skin color. Hamilton College scheduled a “diversity” program called: Real Talk: A Dialogue about Internalized Racism. How interesting this discussion was planned for segregated audiences: ‘People of color’, and ‘white students’. The segregated programs make one wonder if the message intended to each audience would be different messages? Possibly indoctrination messages to increase race tensions rather than alleviate it?


Legal Insurrection reports the following:

My alma mater, Hamilton College, has become a hotbed of multi-cultural activism to the extent that Western Civilization has been driven off campus.

A reader and Hamilton alum posted a tip in the Tip Line about the latest fiasco, a diversity program segregated by race.

Via a Facebook post by recently retired Hamilton Professor Ted Eismeier, the diversity program is called Real Talk: A Dialogue about Internalized Racism:

The brochure indicates there will be three sessions, one for people “of color,” one for “whites,” and one jointly.  It does not indicate how these categories are defined.

The brochure is hard to read, so here’s the calendar announcement highlighted:

In order to create a safe space, this program is open to people of color only.  A similar conversation for white students, faculty and staff is planned for the spring semester.”


Eismeier, in his Facebook post, describes it as “separate but equal” discussions:

Read more at Legal Insurrection.

Update: Legal Insurrection has a follow-up report as follows:

It appears that the sunlight was too much, as Hamilton has done away with the program, and instead will hold a racially-integrated program about how to discuss race.

The following email was sent out at 8:33 p.m. Sunday night (emphasis added):

Dear Hamilton Community Members:

Over the weekend, I have had a range of reactions to my invitation to the Real Talk Dialogue series – an idea that emerged from discussions with students. The goal was to facilitate dialogue across and within racial groups through a three-part series of incremental conversations. My intent was to be inclusive but my phrasing suggested otherwise. I think it is a good idea now to pause and reflect on how we structure conversations about race. As a result, I invite all interested members of the community to come to a re-envisioned dialogue this Thursday at 4:15 p.m. to address two central questions: What does a meaningful dialogue about race look like? How can we best structure such a dialogue? Together we can figure out how to proceed in ways that make clear the inclusiveness of our community and our collective commitment to equity, understanding and mutual respect.


Amit Taneja Director, Diversity & Inclusion

While it’s interesting that Hamilton has reacted, the reaction is less than forthcoming. The problem was not “phrasing.” The phrasing was clear: “this program is open to people of color only.”

If the first step in solving a problem is admitting you have a problem, Hamilton has not taken the first step.

The problem was not just the segregated discussion, but the obsession with race by college officials at Hamilton and elsewhere, which perpetuates racial classifications as a dividing line for everything.

Hat Tip Daily Caller.



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