“House of Horrors” Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell: I am a “Soldier at War on Poverty” UPDATE

Mass murdering abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell who is now serving three life sentences for killing babies in his “House of Horrors”, believes his murderous tactics were a service to society. Steve Volk of Philadelphia Magazine interviewed Gosnell and the full article will be on the stands tomorrow. Volk said Gosnell showed no remorse in his interview. Instead, Gosnell looks at himself as a “soldier at war with poverty” who was performing a “noble function in society”.


Life Site News reported:

Volk told ABC News that he discovered during his extensive interviews that, far from showing remorse, Gosnell “sees himself as having performed a noble function in society.”

“In this larger spiritual sense, he believes he was performing a service for people,” Volk said.

“It’s not as if he feels guilty about what he did,” Volk said. “He believes he was a soldier at war with poverty.”

Gosnell’s abortion facility, the Women’s Medical Society, was located at 3801 Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia and preyed upon lower income women. Two of them, Semika Shaw and Karnamaya Mongar, died while in his care.

According to ABC News, “Gosnell said that one death in 40 years of practice does not indicate a poor record.”

Mongar, a native of Bhutan, died in 2009 after untrained staff administered an overdose of Demerol. Gosnell’s second-in-command, Eileen O’Neill, was later convicted on multiple counts for practicing medicine without a license.

“He has a sense of righteousness, that whatever rule he broke, it was worth it,” he said.

“He believes if he could have spoken about his rationale for doing things, he wouldn’t be in jail,” Volk said. “He believes he was in a war, and that ‘they’ won.”

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UPDATE: The exclusive article has been released today and can be read here.

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