Employee of Mass Murdering Abortion Doctor Was Given Live Fetus and Told to “Deal With It”

kermit gosnell 

By: Rachel Pulaski

Philadelphia doctor and mass murderer, Kermit Gosnell is currently on trial for performing illegal late term abortions, murdering at least 7 babies who survived abortion, the death of a 41 year old woman and for snipping the necks of babies  He is also known for storing aborted babies in the freezer and for displaying aborted fetuses in jars in his office.  MSM has refused to cover the story so last month conservative leaders made a stand by demanding networks lift the embargo and report the story.

The latest news in the trial comes from testimony from a former employee, Sherry West who says she was given a screaming fetus with no mouth or eyes in a glass pan and told to “deal with it”.

Daily Mail reported:

In one particularly graphic description, she spoke about a time when she was handed a 18- to 24-inch-long newborn in a glass pan by an assistant who asked for her help.

‘I saw it, and I thought, “What do you expect me to do?”‘ she said. ‘It didn’t have eyes or a mouth but it was like screeching, making this noise. It was weird. It sounded like a little alien.’

She said she was so ‘freaked out’ that she left the room and did not know what happened to the baby.

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