Government Shutdown Update: D.C. Wants Every Worker Declared “Essential”

As reported last week on Gateway Pundit, the White House Residence said they have 6x’s the essential personnel needed. In the event of a government shutdown, only 15 employees are “essential” to keeping the Residence going (!), instead of the normal 90 people.

At least they were honest. Via Drudge, we learn that the government of Washington, D.C. wants to call every D.C. government worker “essential.”

District Mayor Vincent Gray made the declaration Wednesday in a letter to the federal Office of Management and Budget. But it’s not clear how the federal government will respond; the White House Budget Office has the final say on the issue.

As of Monday morning, the OMB had not yet rejected the mayor’s declaration.

In case there was any doubt about D.C’s political leanings, here are the latest registered voter statistics. Yes, 75.7% Democrat, 6.2% Republican.


Will Obama’s OMB declare all of D.C.’s government employees “essential” in a shutdown? They voted for him, shouldn’t he do something in return? That’s what was expected in Detroit, and last week there was a $300 million backdoor bailout. Here’s what a councilwoman in Detroit said about the deal last year:

Will we see the same “quid pro quo” in D.C.?

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