Government Shutdown Update: 6x’s Essential In Obama’s Residence

When the government shuts down, bureaucrats must determine who is “essential” and who is “nonessential.” The essential stay at work, the nonessential go home.

Via Bloomberg, here’s how Obama explained it yesterday:

“If Congress chooses not to pass a budget by Monday — the end of the fiscal year — they will shut down the government, along with many vital services that the American people depend on.”


(photo from

For the vital services Obama himself depends on — the services that people in the White House Residence provide — it turns out only 15 out of 90 are essential.

Those 75 “nonessential” employees of the White House Residence are undoubtedly good people and do good work. But there are 6x’s more people than absolutely needed in the White House Residence?

Here is the list of other functions at the White House and how many are needed during the shutdown (click on table for the .pdf report):

If they can get by with so few, maybe there should be government shutdowns more often.

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