Disturbing! Marines Had Weapons, But No Ammo During Navy Yard Shooting (Video)

So, Homeland Security gets a couple billion rounds of ammunition, but the military doesn’t get any.  That’s disturbing.

On Monday, a crazed gunman killed 12 innocent people, and injured over a dozen more, in a Washington, D.C. Navy Shipyard.  It didn’t matter that it occurred on a military installation, because in 1993 Bill Clinton decreed that all U.S. military bases be “gun free zones”; thus denying the victims their 2nd Amendment right to defend themselves.  But, it didn’t help those who did manage to be carrying a gun at the military base on Monday, because, apparently, it’s an ammunition-free zone, as well.

A dad describes how his Marine son at the Navy Yard on Monday had a gun, but wasn’t allowed the ammunition to go with it.  A combination the Marine said would have stopped the shooter sooner, and would have saved lives.

Via NewsBustersNavy Yard Shooting: Marines ‘had weapons… but no ammunition’

“If everybody had arms then there wouldn’t be these problems…my son was at … Navy Yard yesterday (9/16/13) and they had weapons with them, but they didn’t have ammunition.  And they said, ‘We were trained and if we had had the ammunition we could have cleared that building.  Only three people had been shot at that time and they could have stopped the rest of it.'”

No 2nd Amendment for the U.S. military?  Only Liberals can take violating our Constitutional rights to beyond the absurd.


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