CA Illegal Alien Killed Wife After Being Arrested and Released For Threatening to Kill 6 Year Old Son With Knife

Mario Chavez

(Mario Chavez)

In August, illegal alien, Mario Chavez from Jose, California threatened to kill his 6 year old son with a knife and was released on bail.  Authorities refused to deport him because of “county policy” that stops what they call “federal overreaching” of I.C.E agent’s access to illegal alien criminals, similar to the “Trust Act”. I.C.E. requests civil detainers from local authorities which requires the inmate to be held until I.C.E. agents have a chance to interview them. San Jose refuses to abide by those rules. Two weeks after Chavez was free on bail, he ignored the protective order and killed his wife, while his children were in the next room.  Chavez’s wife had three children.

Mercury News reported:

Rosen and Smith said the strength of the Trust Act finds an appropriate balance between public safety needs and building trust with immigrant communities, which tend to be highly vulnerable to crime and among the least likely to report it due to deportation fears.

“We should honor some, but not all ICE detainer requests, for those people who are serious and violent criminals but not for low-level offenders,” Rosen said. “We want to preserve our trust in our immigrant communities. We do that by protecting them from rapists, robbers and drug traffickers, not by deporting them for petty thefts.”

The problem with the Chavez case, county Supervisor Dave Cortese said, lies in a system that aligned the charges — criminal threats, child endangerment and brandishing a weapon — with a bail schedule that allowed Chavez to get out of jail by posting $8,000.

“It’s a cop out,” said Cortese. “If (the DA) wants to be tougher on felons, he should do that. But don’t deflect attention to undocumented people.

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