Surprise! Obamacare Subsidizes Foreign Students And Guest Workers


But, Obama said federal aid is reserved for American citizens.  Apparently, it’s not.

The next Obamacare surprise has revealed that the unfunded law that is already destroying full-time jobs in America is not reserved for the benefit of American citizens.  We just get to pay for it.

According to The Daily Caller,


President Barack Obama told Americans Friday that federal aid is reserved for citizens, even though his deputies have drafted complex regulations to give taxpayer-funded Obamacare subsidies to foreign students and to millions of guest workers.

He made the misleading claim during a televised roundtable at the second stop of his two-day, two-state tour promoting more aid to students.

“Obviously, when it come to federal grants, loans, support, subsidies, that we provide, those are for our citizens,” Obama told a student questioner from the friendly audience of college professors, administrators and students at the Binghamton University in New York. …

“Most Americans … don’t want their tax dollars subsidizing health insurance premiums for anyone just visiting, studying or temporarily working in our country,” Rep. Jim Gerlach said in a statement to The Daily Caller.

“We keep finding examples almost every day of how this law is going to result in Americans working fewer hours and taking home less pay while still leaving 30 million people uninsured,” said Gerlach, a Pennsylvania Republican.

“The entire law needs to be repealed and replaced,” he said.

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