State Dept. Clears Benghazi Officials: “These Are Real People With Real Lives” (Video)

Secretary of State John Kerry cleared the four officials placed on leave after the department faulted them in its Benghazi report last year.
State Department Spokewoman Marie Harf told reporters today.

“Clearly the Accountability Review Board indicated there were deficiencies. Clearly things could have been done better. I think that’s patently obvious to everyone who’s followed this for almost a year now. But again we have to let the facts lead where they may and these are people with real lives and real careers and we can’t just take action that’s not warranted against them.”

Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were also “people with real lives and real careers” but no one came to save them. And 20 hours after the attack while injured American heroes were still waiting for an airlift from Benghazi, Obama was campaigning in Las Vegas.

And no one is held accountable.

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