(Shock Video) Vancouver Police Use Bean-Bag Shot To Subdue Man

Posted by EdBigCon



The Vancouver Sun reports,

A “distraught” man was shot with a bean-bag projectile by police outside the Vancouver Art Gallery on Monday morning. The man was wandering in and out of traffic and “intimidating” pedestrians around 11:15 a.m., said Sgt. Randy Fincham. He was also threatening toward the officers who arrived on the scene and had something in his hand, although it was not immediately clear to police whether it was a weapon. Police fired one round of the projectile to stun the man in order to take him into custody. He was treated at the scene near Georgia Street by paramedics and would be transported to hospital for observation. Police are investigating whether drugs, alcohol or mental illness played a role in his erratic behaviour. Some patrol officers carry the “less-lethal projectiles,” which are fired out of shotguns. They are designed to “sting” and distract but not injure, Fincham said.

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