Racist DHS Employee Ayo Kimathi Doubles Down After Put On Administrative Leave—The ‘War Is On’

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Ayo Kimathi doubles down on his racist rants after being put on paid Administrative Leave (a.k.a. paid vacation), thus Kimathi is still on the taxpayer dime. According to HuffPo, Kimathi blames:

“zionist smallhats,  Uncle Tom koons, white-sex offenders, the haters, the conspiracy theorists, etc. […] Kimathi blasted black political figures on the site as well, calling President Barack Obama “a treasonous mulatto scum dweller.” 

It might be easier if Kimathi’s listed his “BFF’s” rather than his “Hate” list. Just a thought.

Recall Kimathi’s most famous Obama rant below (WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE):

Southern Poverty Law Center reports the following:

The war is on! The smallhats (white so-called jews) have stepped it up.

So begins a defiant screed posted this weekend on the Facebook page of War on the Horizon (WOH), the anti-white, anti-LGBT website operated by Ayo Kimathi, a black Department of Homeland Security employee.

Kimathi was put on paid administrative leave last Friday after his double life – DHS employee by day, angry, homophobic racist by nightwas confirmed and reported by Hatewatch on August 21. Kimathi, a small business specialist, works for a unit of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that is responsible for procuring such items as handcuffs, ammunition and guns.

Kimathi calls himself “the Irritated Genie” as he goes around the country predicting and advocating race war. He apparently has no intention of putting the genie back in the bottle.

Less than 48 hours after Kimathi was put on leave, the Facebook page for WOH declared that “the Irritated Genie is under attack from the zionist smallhats, the Uncle Tom koons, the white-sex offenders, the haters, the conspiracy theorists, etc. … Our website is getting flooded with traffic at the moment, but we expect the owner of our hosting to terminate our website any day now.”

The Facebook posting also says “the smallhats” have “canceled our internet business account. Therefore, we can no longer sell our products on the internet. […]

Kimathi has apparently been operating the site that advocates the mass murder of whites and the “ethnic cleansing” of “black skinned Uncle Tom race traitors” for several years while cashing a paycheck from the DHS.

It appears he did little to hide this seeming contradiction. […]

The question is, did Kimathi’s bosses at DHS and ICE know about his life as the Irritated Genie. If so, why didn’t they do something about it before now?

Hatewatch called a spokeswoman for ICE today, hoping to find out, but she said the department was not granting interviews about Kimathi.

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