Outstanding! Sen Ted Cruz Repeats Promise To Defund Obamacare

ted cruz obamacare

Today, popular Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) reaffirmed his commitment to defund Obamacare.  In the midst of waffling GOP elites, Senator Cruz isn’t backing down.

Via LucianneThe Washington Times reports,

Sen. Ted Cruz on Sunday doubled down on his call to arms in “defunding Obamacare,” even if Senate Democrats are highly unlikely to approve any short-term spending deal this September that impugns President Obama’s signature domestic achievement.

Mr. Cruz, Texas Republican, said that if the GOP-controlled House could pass a continuing resolution that strips the Affordable Care Act of funding this September, a “grass-roots tsunami” of opposition to the health care law could force the Senate to relent. …

The GOP, he told CNN, has to do something it hasn’t done in a long time: “Stand up and win the argument.” …

On health care, Mr. Cruz said Mr. Obama’s law is a “job killer” that has forced businesses to drop coverage or shift workers to part-time status. He said these changes have an outsized effect on the most vulnerable, including minorities and single moms.

Rising to an oft-repeated challenge, Mr. Cruz offered three health care reforms that Republican may support in lieu of Mr. Obama’ plan.

Go, Ted Cruz!  Most Americans support defunding Obamacare.

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