Chicago Off Duty Police Officer Attacked

Guest Post by Breitbart News writer, Kerry Picket

A Chicago off-duty female police officer was attacked on Thursday afternoon by a suspicious man on a bicycle, reported The Chicago Tribune.  The officer was jogging near Sauganash Park on the Northwest Side, when the man kept riding his bike around her. She ignored the stranger, but all of a sudden the officer was jumped from behind.:

As she turned, the man grabbed her around the neck and both fell to the ground, according to a police report about the Thursday afternoon attack.

“I’m police, I’m police,” the officer yelled as the man tried to strip off her clothes, according to the report.

The man struck the officer four times in the face with his fist, but the officer told police she managed to gouge the man’s eye and hit him in the groin. The man ran south down the trail, and the officer was taken to Swedish Covenant Hospital.

Police searched the scene with a dog, but could not find the suspect.  He is described as a Hispanic, between 22 and 26, about 5-foot-7, 140-150 pounds with short black hair, according to an alert issued on Friday.

The suspect was fortunate that the officer did not draw her firearm that day.  According to Tamara Cummings, general council for the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police, the state’s largest police union, off-duty police officers in Chicago are allowed to carry their service weapons or a personal fire arm in public.  However, it should be noted that only 1 in 234 private citizens, reported The Tribune, carry concealed in the Windy City.

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