St. Louis Tornado – Eyewitness Captures Footage on Way Home From Old Navy (Video)

St. Charles County Tornado – May 30, 2013
Multiple tornadoes were reported moving east across the St. Louis area on Friday night.

Reader Laurie Baker captured this video west of St. Louis on May 30, 2013.

The video was taken on the service road while I was trying to drive home from Old Navy in Lake St. Louis and from the parking lot of Gym Quarters where I pulled over.

Tornado coming down from Francis Howell High School and heading toward Weldon Springs Area.

Click on paper clip link to see iphone video…it’s not too long….started to rain bad, then came the hail and I got out of there!

Here’s the video:


The tornado overturned several vehicles on Interstate 70.
truck down
A tractor trailer overturned on St. Charles Rock Road in St. Louis.
Photo sent in by Kenny

UPDATE: Local patriot and friend Van Harvey was at home when the tornado hit last night. He says things are a mess and he is looking for temporary housing. Van blogs at Blogodidact. Please keep Van and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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