Obama National Security Adviser Tom Donilon to Resign – Half-Baked Susan Rice to Fill Slot

The White House announced today that Obama National Security Adviser Tom Donilon will step down from his post. Scandal-plagued UN Ambassador Susan Rice will fill his slot.

Of course, Susan Rice is the Obama official who lied to the country and said the Benghazi terrorist attack was all about “a hateful video” that nobody ever heard of.

The faithful mindless lackey gets the promotion.
It’s the Obama way.


The Washington Post reported:

National security adviser Thomas E. Donilon will resign his post, White House officials said Wednesday, and will be replaced by U.N. Ambassador Susan E. Rice, a close confidant of President Obama with deep foreign policy experience who is disliked by Republicans but had been widely expected to move into the job.

White House officials said Donilon’s resignation will take effect early next month. A seasoned Washington insider, Donilon has held senior national security posts in the administration since Obama took office, rising from the principal deputy national security adviser to his current job.

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