Mission Accomplished!… Obama IRS Forced Several Tea Party Groups to Shut Down Before 2012 Election

The Obama Administration Used Alinsky Tactics & IRS To Ensure Tea Party Was Not a Factor in 2012

Peter Riehm, chairman of the Common Sense Campaign, a conservative group, was on Your World with Neal Cavuto today. Riehm told Neal that his organization withdrew their application for tax exempt status after the IRS asked for copies of all speeches and the board members’ employers.

This is pure thuggery, folks.
The Common Sense campaign was one of the dozens of groups that withdrew their applications after years of harassment by the Obama IRS.


They weren’t alone.
Several Tea Party groups shut down after continued harassment by the Obama Internal Revenue Service before the 2012 election.
Delco Conservative reported:

America has reached a troubling point in its long history when a presidential administration and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are suspicious of ordinary, patriotic Americans who revere their country’s founding principles and worry about high levels of government spending and debt.

Beginning in 2009, Tea Party and grassroots patriot groups in Pennsylvania and other states raised concerns about the size and power of the federal government and complained about being overtaxed, and their public protests against intrusive “big government” and the Obama administration put them on the IRS’s radar.

Well, it turns out Tea Party fears of unchecked government authority were well-founded in light of the IRS’s revelation that agency employees abused their power by targeting the grassroots groups for extra scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status.

As a result, conservative groups seeking to become nonprofit organizations — including at least three in the Keystone State — felt intimidated by the IRS and experienced lengthy delays during the application process. These delays — from one to three years — prevented donors from contributing to the groups.

Jennifer Stefano, a Philadelphia-area Tea Party activist and currently Pennsylvania State Director for Americans for Prosperity, tried to start her own grassroots group, The Loyal Opposition, between 2010-2011, according to Pennlive.com. But when she applied for tax-exempt status, the tax agency’s questionnaire “put her off.”

Among other requests, the IRS wanted Stefano’s personal Facebook page. A lawyer warned her, ‘They’re going to come after you and if you make one mistake they could ruin your life’, she said.

“I like to think of myself as very tough, but I’m ashamed to say I was intimidated and frightened, and I shut it down,” Stefano told the publication.

Over five hundred groups have claimed harassment from the Obama IRS.
63% of those groups either withdrew applications or are still waiting for the Obama IRS to grant them non-profit status.

UPDATE: Then there’s this…
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