Calling Piers Morgan… Woolwich Terrorist Was Packing Heat (PHOTO)

Someone tell Piers Morgan…
One of the Islamist terrorists was packing heat yesterday when he murdered a British soldier in cold blood.

woolrich killers

The terrorists yesterday brought a gun with them on their killing spree. (The Mirror)

An eyewitness described how the killers were carrying a gun.
The Mirror reported:

Eyewitness Joe Tallant, 20, saw one man holding a gun and a knife, and another holding two knives.

He described how he saw the victim on the floor and the men asking onlookers to call the police.

He said: “I looked on the floor and I saw a dead body and then I saw one of the men walking around the body.

“He was telling people to call the police and then five to seven minutes later the police came.

“They walked towards the police car with their weapons and a police lady jumped out and shot them both.”

This is what happens when the government takes your guns…
The criminals keep theirs.

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