OFFICIAL VIDEO & PHOTOS of FBI Boston Marathon Bombing ‘Suspects’ …Update: Feds Have Leads of Possible Names of Suspects

Suspect #1 (in black hat) and Suspect #2 (in white hat) appear to be working together.
suspect 1 and 2

The FBI released this video of the suspects—
(The FBI website is down)

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Suspect #1 is in the black hat:
suspect 1

Here is Suspect #2 in the white hat:
suspect two

Both suspects were walking together.

Suspect #2 on the phone.
suspect 2

UPDATE: Sources tell CBS News federal investigators have LEADS on possible names of suspects in the video.

More… CNN reported that leads of names of suspects have been narrowed down to Massachusetts phone book.

UPDATE: One of the bombers is wearing a Bridgestone golf cap.

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