Iran Test-Fires Three New Missiles

iran missile
A single-stage solid-propellant, surface-to-surface Fateh (Victor) missile is launched during the Great Prophet 7 missile drill in Semnan, central Iran, July 3, 2012. (Press TV)

The reportedly Iranian regime test-fired three new missiles Saturday.
Fars News reported:

The Iranian Army Ground Force announced on Saturday that it has tested three new missiles successfully.

“Three types of missiles developed by the Army and the Defense Industries have been successfully test-fired in the Ground Force’s recent wargames,” Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Force Gen. Kioumars Heydari told FNA on Saturday.

The General declined to mention the specific details of the newly tested missiles, but mentioned that these “ground-to-ground missiles are different from the Naze’at 10 and Fajr missiles in type”.

He further said that the Ground Force will also unveil its new personnel carriers during the parades to be staged throughout the country on the National Army Day on April 18.

The Army Ground Force test-fired Naze’at-10 and Fajr-5 during military exercises in Central Iran in mid March.

The missiles, which have been designed and built by experts of the Army Ground Force, were test-fired during the first day of the Army’s ground drills around Kashan (Isfahan Province) some 340 km South of the Iranian capital.

The missile and rocket units of the Army Ground Force were participating in the drills to display their latest achievements and defensive tactics.

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