Disturbing Videos Expose Probable Aftermath Of Assad Sarin Attacks (Video)

The White House confirmed Assad released chemical weapons on his own people.

Syrian rebels have released several videos documenting what they say is the aftermath of Assad’s Sarin attacks on his people.  Disturbing images of victims suffering from exposure to the nerve agent are explained throughout with narration.  The dates of these videos coincide with the dates sited in Britain’s demands last month for the full investigation of suspected attacks using chemical weapons.

The New York Times reports,

United States officials said they believed that the chemical agent sarin had been used and that the culprit was probably the Assad regime and not rebel forces, but they would not specify the dates or locations of the suspected chemical attacks. Britain has been less reticent. In a letter to the United Nations last month requesting a formal investigation, it cited three suspected attacks: two on March 19 in a village west of Aleppo and on the outskirts of Damascus, and one on Dec. 24 in Homs.

Multiple videos posted online by Syrian citizen journalists claim to show the aftermath of chemical attacks in Ateibeh, a village outside Damascus, on March 19, one of the dates cited in Britain’s letter to the United Nations. …

Three videos posted to YouTube on March 19 by an account associated with rebels in the Eastern Ghouta region outside Damascus show men being treated in a clinic for injuries they say were sustained during a government attack on Ateibeh that involved chemical weapons.

The following is one example of the videos posted in the New York Times article:

third video posted by the same YouTube account on March 19 claims to show another person injured by a chemical agent in Ateibeh.

The injured person in this video is a young man in a green hooded sweatshirt. He wheezes heavily as someone sticks a thin suction tube in his mouth, up his nose and down his throat. His eyes appear cloudy and vacant, and there is mucus smeared on his cheeks. The cameraman describes him as “injured by a chemical strike in the town of Ateibeh on March 19, 2013.”

Clearly, Assad is not quaking under the threatened “wrath” of Obama.  Let’s watch our feckless Scolder-In-Chief, now, punish him with more lectures.  While Iran watches.

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