Update: Jim Hoft’s Recovery From Knee Surgery

As many of you know, Jim had surgery on December 4th to replace one of his knees.  For those of you who did not read Jim’s announcement, you can find it here.  The surgery went well and Jim was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  He is now home recovering, and I understand knee replacements are quite excruciating.  Jim is tough and one of the most determined people I know, so if anyone can recover in lightning speed it’s Jim.  But, although the volume of his blogging might say otherwise, he is not super human and may need a few more days before he’s back.  Of course, with a few of the meds Jim’s taking I’m sure his posts would probably be a lot more fun.  Thank you for your patience while a few of us fill in and try to accomplish what one man does every day.

Jim post-surgery with his adorable niece.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.  Jim deeply appreciates them.

Update:  Obviously, Jim is back.  I was wrong… he is super human.

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