MO Dem Lawmaker Wants To Regulate Thanksgiving

Free people can not be allowed to make their own value judgments.  That’s what Democrats are for and what fuels their existence.

A Missouri lawmaker, from the party of free abortions for all, has decided the evils of “profit and greed” must be removed from Thanksgiving.  By force of law.  Never mind the fact that businesses are gasping for survival in our Obama economy and sales during the holiday season can account for 40% of annual revenue.

According to local ABC station kait8,

A Missouri Democratic lawmaker is trying to stop “black Friday” shopping from ruining the Thanksgiving dinners of workers.

House member Jeff Roorda, of Barnhart, plans legislation that would prohibit retail stores from opening on Thanksgiving.

He has dubbed it the “Thanksgiving Family Protection Act” and says the holiday should be about families and not about profit or greed. He says Thanksgiving should not become “black Friday eve.”

Restaurants, gas stations and drug stores would be exempt from forced closure. Roorda says some other states also require businesses to close on that day.

He says retailers’ efforts to out-do one another has left fewer hours for workers to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving.

What a great idea.  Let the retail stores bleed while the Internet grabs all the sales.  And when the retailers go out of business they can spend even more quality family time at home.  Permanently.

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