After Election 2012 – What Would Breitbart Do?


Michelle Malkin, Andrew Marcus, Dana Loesch, Jenny Beth Martin and Chris Loesch at the “Occupy the Truth” rally in Cleveland.

Director-Producer Andrew Marcus of Hating Breitbart penned an important piece today on the 2012 elections.
Andrew asks the important question, “What would Breitbart do?”
From his article at Townhall:

Despite how the media wanted to depict Andrew, he was not an angry person….passionate, opinioned and confrontational yes, but not angry. I believe that by now, Andrew would have already dusted himself off and turned to the people he loved, fought for and defended the most passionately and vigorously-citizen journalists. And he would remind each of us that we all have the power to expose the malfeasance and corruption in the MSM and Institutional left. He would not Monday morning quarterback the Romney campaign or dissect numbers and graphs. He would exhaust every hour of every day exposing the corrupt mainstream media for who and what they are. Though they might be silently (and disturbingly some not so silently) grateful that Andrew is no longer here to stand up to their destructive behavior, in the months and years to come they will be forced to face the reality that his spirit and his example continues on every single day with thousands of citizen journalists in every inch of this nation. And they will never be able to put the Genie that Andrew released back in the bottle. That’s what Andrew Breitbart would have done, and what millions of citizen journalists will continue to do as long as we have breath.

Read the whole thing here.

And when you have time read Ronald Reagan’s words after the 1964 Republican loss.

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