Occupy the Truth – Conservatives Rally Against Leftist Violence and Media Corruption… Live on UStream

Our first Occupy goon showed up for the rally.

He supported the local Cleveland terrorists.

UPDATE: This #OccuGoon was caught on video in St. Louis blaming the #Occupy Violence and Rapes on “The American Dream”
SharpElbows.Net caught this gem at the #OccupyMidWest Rally over the summer.

Yep, they’re just like the Tea Party!

The rally will stream live on UStream – I will post the correct link in a bit.
(If you find it you can post in the comments)


Today– conservatives from across the Midwest will converge on Cleveland, Ohio and demand that the media report the truth on the #Occupy terrorists.
Join Michelle Malkin, Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch, Sonnie Johnson, Tony Katz, Jenny Beth Martin, Hating Breitbart director Andrew Marcus and Jim Hoft in Cleveland.

The same media who have painted the Tea Party as a racist and violent organization have gone out of their way to portray these would-be terrorists as harmless and bareley connected to the Occupy movement. The problem is that they’re blatantly connected to Occupy Cleveland and their terrorist acts are far from harmless. (Please see linked pdf for background http://www.scribd.com/doc/102741196/Occupy-the-Truth )

The goal of Occupy The Truth is to inject some honesty into the narrative of just how potentially violent the Occupy movement can be.

We’re going to achieve this by holding a Tea Party rally followed by a march on the scene of the crime.

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