Rules Are For Little People…Michelle Obama Violates Debate Agreement (Video)

Rules are for little people; they don’t apply to the Obamas.  And when the Obamas can’t violate them outright, they accomplish it “in the margins“.  So, it’s not surprising that the same person who just lauded her husband for doing a “phenomenal job” circumventing Congress would flagrantly violate the rules of last night’s presidential debate.

As a participant in the debate audience, Michelle Obama was bound by an agreement to remain silent, but that would require the same class and sense that rules are meant to be followed that all the other participants displayed.  Michelle Obama, apparently, has neither as she was caught on video clapping away mid-debate for her husband.  The additional applause came from outside the group of debate participants.

Video from Michael Savage:

Via Drudge, Real Clear Politics reports,

At the second presidential debate on Tuesday night, a camera caught first lady Michelle Obama clapping after moderator Candy Crowley told Republican presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney that President Obama called the Benghazi attack an “act of terror” soon after the attack on the U.S. consulate.

Nearly all of the audible applause came from those sitting away from the actual debate, but when FOX News’ camera shot moved to a bird’s-eye view it became apparent that the only applause from the participating debate audience came from first lady Michelle Obama. Mitt Romney’s wife Ann was also sitting with the debate participants.

According to the rules both campaigns agreed to, or the memorandum of understanding (MOA), there is to be no clapping from members of the debate audience. …

This is an absolutely shameful and disrespectful display of wretched behavior coming from anyone, most especially our First Lady.  In the meantime, Ann Romney remained silent, poised, and gracious throughout.