National Empty Chair Day, Part II (More Pictures!)

In honor of Clint Eastwood’s brilliant speech at the RNC Convention, Michelle Malkin declared yesterday National Empty Chair Day.  Conservatives all over the country responded making it a huge success.  

Gateway Pundit readers were no exception.  All day long a volume of e-mails came pouring in with photographs from Conservatives having a little fun protesting the failed policies and actions of our Socialist in the White House.

Thank you, everyone, for submitting your photographs.  Gateway Pundit readers are not only smart, they’re creative, too!!  I apologize if I missed anyone’s photographs in the volume of e-mails we received.


From Tim Smith in Nebraska


From GRM in Manchester, TN

From Bill Martinez

Empty chair in the garbage.

From Toby Marie Walker in Waco, TX

From ckright

What the heck are you doing to my future?

From JD

Had several positive responses including one “make my day” with a thumbs up!..I really wish I had a life sized Clint cardboard stand-up to put alongside!

From James P. Carter in Rockville (Montgomery County) Maryland

US Army 1964-1968
Vietnam Veteran

From Army Brat

From Mesa, AZ

From Hyacinth

I had my son at 17, was a homeowner at 19, graduated college by 21 and today I am very proud to say that I am a self-made 30-year-old legal professional who has NEVER accepted a dime from the government even though my son is physically disabled. That’s a load of satisfaction and I’m proud to say, “Mr. Obama, you DID NOT BUILD THIS!”

From Ron Rogers in Firestone, CO

My coffee meeting with Obama this morning.  I even made him Kenyan coffee. Unfortunately, he had nothing new to say.

From Jill Wilson

From Ken

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