OPEN THREAD: 2012 RNC Convention Tuesday Night

Republicans from all over are gathered in Tampa this week for the Republican National Convention.  After making Mitt Romney the official presidential nominee of the Republican party, tonight we will hear Ann Romney give us the softer side of our candidate and watch Chris Christie fire up the base.

The theme of the 2012 convention is “A Better Future” and this is the RNC’s summary,

America faces extraordinary challenges and the decision we make for president will determine the path of our country for future generations. The 2012 Republican National Convention will present Mitt Romney’s vision for the country – one where everyone has the opportunity to achieve his or her dreams. Mitt Romney has a proven record of leadership, achievement, and courage to make hard choices and attain what many thought unattainable.

Each night, the Republican National Convention will hear from people concerned about the future of our country and focus on Mitt Romney’s plan to get America working again.

Any guesses who the mystery speaker will be Thursday night?


Consider this an open thread…


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