Netroots Posters: “It’s My Body. It’s My P*ssy. Get Over It You Patriarchal F*ck Head Woman Hater”

It’s vulgarity on steroids.

Netroots is the blogging conference for the Liberal Left.  It’s where they train the Liberal Left media of the Internet…these are the posters they’re selling.

These are the posters for sale at the Netroots/Netkooks conference in Rhode Island this weekend.


“It’s my body.  It’s my p*ssy.  Get over it you patriarchal f*ck head woman hater.”

“I’m a slut.  I vote.  And so does everyone I sleep with.  And you’re about to be more f*cked than I am.”

“Politicians off my Poontang”

This is what the Liberal Left is really all about.  These are the people who are left to vote for Obama.

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