Wealthy Leftist Fundraising Network, Democracy Alliance, Hosts Secretive Spring Meeting

Anything involving George Soros can not be good.

Liberal “individuals of considerable means” gathered in Miami this weekend for a covert meeting hosted by the Democracy Alliance, a fundraising network of Leftist billionaires.  Cloaked in secrecy, many high profile Liberals and uber-wealthy donors, including George Soros, were seen attending the event at the Biltmore, a 4-star, highly upscale hotel costing as much as $3,000 per night.

To the dismay of the event organizers, a reporter for the Washington Free Beacon breached the walls and identified the following parties:  George Soros, Andy Stern (former president of SEIU), Michael Vachon, Ari Rabin-Havt, Exec. VP of Media Matters, reps from the Center for American Progress, former Rep. Tom Perriello, several CAP Board members, DA Board members, Van Jones, former Rep. Alan Grayson, SEIU’s Larry McNeil, and many others.


The Washington Free Beacon has more,

A secretive network of left-wing billionaires and their political operatives descended on the luxurious Biltmore Hotel in Miami over the weekend to discuss strategy for the coming elections.

The location of the conference had been kept a closely guarded secret by the members and guests of Democracy Alliance (DA), a collection of ultra-wealthy liberal donors formed in 2005, and is reported here in a Washington Free Beacon exclusive.

Attendees roamed the grounds at the 150-acre tropical resort on their way to cocktail gatherings, salsa dance lessons, and workshops such as “Occupy the Voting Booth” and “The 1 Percent Rule.” Local police guarded entrances as members attended a “partners only” meeting in the hotel’s Country Club Courtyard. …

Free Beacon reporter who tried to attend the conference after-party was intercepted by Alexandra Visher, the DA’s vice president of partner engagement and communications.

“These are individuals of considerable means” who often support policies that run contrary to their own interests, Visher said, as she escorted the reporter out of the party. …

The conference was attended by the biggest names in liberal politics, including billionaire financier George Soros, who has already pledged at least $2 million to pro-Democratic groups this cycle.

The actual amount Soros has contributed may be much higher, according to experts. …

Soros publicly contributed $1 million to MMFA in 2010, after years of speculation that he was the group’s primary secret donor. …

DA founder emeritus Rob Stein has described the group as apolitical investment bank” whose mission is to “balance the market place of ideas and political activism with center-left ideas, messages, and organizing strategy.” Members are required to pay annual dues starting at $30,000 and contribute at least $170,000 per year to recommended groups.

The timing of the conference was significant as the organization is said to be experiencing dissent within its ranks.

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