More Bad News… Secret Service Scandal May Involve Underage Hookers

By: Andrea Ryan

It’s bad news when you get fired from the Secret Service for boozing and engaging prostitutes.  It’s even more bad news if it’s discovered those prostitutes were underage.

Newsmax reported today,


Investigators probing the Secret Service prostitute scandal are looking into whether any of the girls involved were underage, Ronald Kessler, the journalist who broke the story, tells Newsmax.TV exclusively.

Kessler warned that more scandalous details of the Colombian cavorting are still to come, including the age of the prostitutes.

Kessler, Newsmax’s chief Washington correspondent, broke the story of the scandal over the weekend. The details have since been confirmed by the Secret Service, and President Barack Obama has called for an investigation.

Up to a dozen agents were sent home from Cartagena, Colombia, where the president was attending the Summit of the Americas.

Kessler, whose reporting partly led to the dismissal of FBI Director William Sessions in 1993, said Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan also needs to be fired, especially as this is the second major scandal he has presided over. He was also in charge when three intruders wormed their way past security to attend a 2009 White House dinner in honor of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

“These are not just little errors,” Kessler said, adding that consorting with prostitutes could easily lead to blackmail, which could put the president at risk.

Meanwhile, NBC News reported Monday that a law enforcement source told the network that all Secret Service personnel had been given copies of Obama’s schedule, which they were told to lock in their hotel room safe — raising the possibility of a security breach. The source spoke on condition of anonymity.

Kessler believes that Sullivan, who has been in charge of the service since 2006, has presided over corner-cutting and a general atmosphere of laxness.

He says the Singh dinner, when Tareq and Michaele Salahi and Carlos Allen got through security, was, until now, the biggest scandal the service has faced.

“Most of the agents are dedicated and brave,” he said. “They’ll take a bullet for the president.

“They don’t go ’round going to bars and partying – they don’t even have time to, and that’s part of the problem. They’re so overworked because there are not enough agents, that they don’t have time to have a real life.” …

Kessler said he has no doubt that the agents involved will lose their jobs.

“They will be fired, and there is no question that that is the proper punishment,” he added. “To embarrass the president like this and to put themselves in jeopardy of being blackmailed is so over the line.

Apparently, Obama has established that it’s OK to work for him if you like them young.

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