Latinos Say Boy Scout Patch Is Racist – Demand That It Be Replaced

It’s racist.

Latino groups claim the “Border Patrol” Boy Scout patch is racist. (KSEE 24)

Latino groups claim the “Border Patrol” boy scout patch is racist. The patch depicts a fleeing Latino family and is used on caution signs in border states.
KSEE 24 reported:

A Boy Scout patch depicting the silhouette of fleeing immigrants has caused a stir among a group of Latinos who are calling it racist.

The badge worn by the dominantly Latino scouts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin mirrors an iconic sign featuring a man, woman and child fleeing which was commonly used along the Mexico-United States border.

The sign served as a warning to drivers of immigrants crossing. Its original image, by Navajo artist John Hood, hangs in the Smithsonian.

The badge was first reported by website Latino Rebels. They reached out to the Boy Scouts of America late last month for comment.

‘Neither the United States Border Patrol or the Boy Scouts of America were involved in the naming of the patrol, or the production or distribution of the patch,’ Boy Scouts of America Communications Specialist David Burke responded in a statement to Latino Rebels.

The troop 11 members told the website they first created it about 10 years ago after one of its current leaders saw the iconic black and yellow road sign in Texas around 2002.

”The patch is used to symbolize that a scout is part of the “border” patrol,’ troop 11 assistant scoutmaster Bradley Schultz responded to the website by email.

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