CROWD BOOS as Hundreds of #Occupy Midwest Goons Crash Annual StL St. Patrick’s Day Parade (Video)

The #Occupy Midwest Goons crashed the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in St. Louis this afternoon.
Some of their standard anti-social, revolutionary, and illegal rioting was captured on video.

The Democrat front group couldn’t resist the temptation to ruin everyone’s holiday.

The crowd booed them.

Of course, when the Tea Party protests they pay the registration fees, clean up after themselves, and are always peaceful, lawful, and respectful while exercising their 1st Amendment privileges.  These Occupiers are nothing but a bunch of felons.

UPDATE:  Kudos to the St. Louis Police Department for booting this offal off the street.

UPDATE: Apparently they only made it to 20th Street (a couple blocks) before the cops pushed them off the parade route.

UPDATE: The #Occupiers were confused and lost after getting booted from parade.

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