Gateway Pundit Blogger Appreciation Day

Think of this. Since 2003 Media Matters has collected over $28.8 million in fundingfrom leftwing sources to support their efforts.  It’s an amazing number. Making the decision years ago to pump money into leftwing Internet organizations and websites, far left donors understood the value of such an investment and in 2006 the far left websites helped put Democrats back in control of Congress. In 2008, the left dominated the web and their efforts gave Democrats the White House and a super majority in the Senate.  And we all know what happened next – Obamacare, stimulus, failed green energy projects, etc.

When this blog started I had two readers:  my twin brother and my good friend, Chris. Today, Gateway Pundit has over 70,000 readers a day and over 2 million readers a month.  The blog is consistently ranked as one of the top blogs in the country – and most months Gateway Pundit ranked above Media Matters in the blog rankings.  This past year I was forced to double server space to handle the increase in traffic. Last year’s updates cost well over a thousand dollars a month.  Like Andrew Breitbart, James O’Keefe, Adam Sharp and other conservative bloggers, I don’t have my own personal George Soros pitching in a million bucks to help pay expenses.

So, this week I am following Moe Lane’s lead and declaring today “Gateway Pundit Blogger Appreciation Day”.  I hope you can help support my efforts here at Gateway Pundit.  And, please know how grateful I am to all of you for your support, tips, comments, e-mails, and feedback over the past seven years.  I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to many more years together.


Thank you for helping make Gateway Pundit one of the top blogs in America.

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