Thank You For Your Support – September Was a Record Month

Thank you for your continued support!
Last month was a record month here at Gateway Pundit.
It was the first month that we saw over 2 million visitors.

And, Gateway Pundit was the 10th ranked political blog in the country.
Top Political Blogs in the US —
1.) Political Ticker” – CNN
2.) Think Progress
3.) Hot Air
4.) The Corner
5.) The Weekly Standard Blog
6.) White Blog
7.) Big Government
8.) Political Hotsheet -CBS
9.) The Caucus – NY Times
10.) Gateway Pundit

FYI: Sadly, Media Matters dropped to number 20 in the rankings this month.


I really appreciate all of your support and help especially since my assistant Lady Liberty is out undergoing chemo. Please continue to send tips and any concerns you have about objectionable comments. And, please continue your prayers for Lady Liberty.
Thank you!

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