Romney’s NH Speech…2012 Becomes 1979

Tonight we saw in the acceptance speech of Mitt Romney all of the love for America embodied in Reagan’s “Shining City on the Hill”, and at the same time Romney strikes us with the comparison to Obama’s decrepit Socialist welfare states of Europe.  The contrast could not be more stark.  Romney wants America to be America.  Obama wants America to be Europe.  New Hampshire launches the broad message of Romney’s campaign for the presidency.

The greatest president in the modern era.

Romney is finding his voice as an unabashed champion of freedom, liberty, and Capitalism, while our current Socialist-in-Chief blames America for all our woes.  Just days ago, Obama announced he was going to decimate the military, most specifically the Army and the Marine Corps.  Tonight, Mitt Romney declared his desire and vision to have an American military that is so strong no one will even think to challenge it.  Romney announced, “If you are looking for a handout I’m not your candidate….You already have that president.”  Romney promises to cut, cap, and balance, while Obama pushes past $15 Trillion, exceeding our GDP.  Reagan is to Carter as Romney is to Obama.

The critics will say Romney is no Reagan.  In New Hampshire in 1980 Reagan wasn’t Reagan, yet.  It’s looking more and more like 1979…

Common Cents has Mitt’s victory speech.

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