The Daily Caller Gets Locked and Loaded


The Daily Caller CEO and publisher, Neil Patel, believes

“Millions of Americans who own and are interested in guns are currently without the sort of daily news coverage that is allotted to most other American interests.”

Based on this unsatisfied demand, The Daily Caller has launched a new Guns and Gear section on their news site.  Eighty million gun-owning Americans will now have a one-stop “knowledge bank” for “everything from the latest news about armed citizens defending themselves and their property, to coverage of Second Amendment policies and politics, to reviews of the latest guns and gear”.

And it looks like The Daily Caller may be just in time.


If you visit this site today one of the featured stories you will find is about the Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler’s recent arrest at a New York City airport.

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler was arrested at an airport in New York City on Thursday after he attempted to check-in a locked gun box holding his Glock 27 pistol and ammunition to a Delta Air Lines ticket agent.

Meckler holds a concealed-carry permit for the Glock 27 pistol at home in California, but not in New York where he was attempting to board the plane. As a result, he was arrested and charged with a felony.

Thanks to anti-gun radicals, like Mayor Michael Bloomberg, law-abiding Americans with a state-issued permit to legally carry a gun can step over the wrong state line and into a felony nightmare.

The Republican-controlled Conservative House of Representatives already has an answer to this problem.  Via the Tenth and the Fourteenth Amendments, a bill to ensure nation-wide reciprocity of concealed-carry recently sailed through the House with a 2:1 vote.

The most radical anti-gun legislator of all times…our Marxist president…and firearms salesman of the year.

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