OWS Left Coast Port Shut Down…Sticking It to the Unions

OWS goons discovered today that their newest grand scheme to wreak havoc and chaos on 11 West Coast ports from San Diego to British Columbia wasn’t sticking it to the man, after all.

From SFGate

“Support is one thing,” Robert McEllrath, president of the International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union, wrote to his members last week. “Outside groups attempting to co-opt our struggle in order to advance a broader agenda is quite another and one that is destructive to our democratic process.”

Not the 1 percent

The Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council’s secretary-treasurer, Andreas Cluver, said many of his union’s workers were recently hired at port building projects after long stretches on unemployment. Given that, a port shutdown aimed at punishing the 1 percent “makes no sense,” he said.

He said no union at the port supports the shutdown.

Michele Horaney of Alameda, who helped place an advertisement in The Chronicle last week pushing “99 percent” reform measures including “taxing wealth more and labor less,” said she views the split as emblematic of Occupy’s growing pains.

“The movement is evolving, and that means there will be many different tactics,” Horaney said. “What it will eventually look like, we don’t know yet.”

A house divided…Goons vs. Thugs.


Somebody at the White House needs to check with Van Jones and tell him to get his protests straight.  It’s hurting the campaign.

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