Occupy Movement Is Dead As a Skunk… 5 Protesters Left in Chicago, 3 in Indy, 10 in NYC

Bummer. And, they were hoping this was going to open the gates of socialism that they’ve all been dreaming of ever since public grade school.

The Occupy Movement is Dead–
Dead as a skunk on the road.

Marathon Pundit counted 5 Occupiers in Chicago this week.
Via P/Oed Patriot:


In Indiana only a couple 2 or 3 homeless people are left at the camp.

Even in New York City only a dozen or so #Occupy tools managed to make it out to protest capitalist devil Rush Limbaugh.

Let’s face it. It’s over. The movement is dead.
It died when the trash hit the dumpsters.
Good riddance, hoboes.

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