#Occupy Indiana Protesters Recruit Homeless to Keep Movement Going… While They Sleep at Home in Their Own Beds (Video)

The Occupy Indianapolis protest leaders have been recruiting the homeless to keep their movement going. In a recent conference call the organizers told the homeless people how sorry they were that they were still camping outside… while the organizers were staying at home in their own beds.

FOX Insider reported:

With the number of protesters dwindling and winter fast approaching, the organizers of the ‘Occupy’ movement in Indianapolis have turned to the homeless for help, recruiting them to help maintain the ‘Occupy’ presence in the city.

In an audio recording of a web seminar conducted November 9 between Occupy Indianapolis organizers and the demonstrators, one unidentified organizer can be heard saying, “I feel bad, man. I personally feel bad that we have you guys out here. And there’s … there seems to be really no purpose of it, other than … other than to show that Indianapolis has a physical occupation. You know, cause you are pretty much our billboard for Occupy Indianapolis.”

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