MSNBC, Conservatives Need Not Apply

(Kennedy Smith is frequently quoted in news stories under the pen-name Experts Say; for more expertise, check his references from girls on Red Eye @TheKennedySmith)


I Tilt My Head to Your Thoughtful Question

I have no problem with them being biased, as long as they’re willing to be this blatant about it and stop pretending to be a legitimate news source:

Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience at a print or online publication, have a basic understanding of HTML and extensive experience with content management systems or blog publishing platforms. Must have thorough knowledge of political and progressive news. Previous TV/video background a plus.
Writer/producer must be willing to work during msnbc’s primetime hours, and be excited about covering debates, primaries and the 2012 elections.
Please send links to previous work and any relevant social media streams.

But really, does this exclude conservatives? I mean, liberals can avoid conservative media pretty easily.  We’re bombarded with so many “progressive” political messages in a day, we can all quote them in our sleep.

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