Kellyanne Conway on Berkeley Riots & Democrat Party: A Bunch of Cry Babies Hysterical About Everything (Video)

Do you remember when the Left said they were for free speech?

This morning on Fox & Friends, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway discussed the violent riots and protests that took place last night on the University of Berkeley, California campus in an effort to shut down free speech.

The counselor to President Donald Trump stated that she would like to do a survey of those who were protesting to see if they even knew what they were protesting. Kellyanne opined, “What has them so in a lather, Is it the free speech issue, that maybe some one on your campus has a dissenting point of view?” Then Kellyanne provided a teaching moment for the lefty protesters, “In the real world, when these kids grow up and go to find a job in the Trump economy, life does not work that way folks. You are going to work with folks that you don’t agree with.”

Kellyanne Conway further went on to condemn the Democrat party elected officials in DC and their recent obstruction and delay tactics on cabinet nominees. Conway stated, “The Democrat party, we are seeing it unravel in front of our eyes. A bunch of cry babies who say they are going to oppose Supreme Court nominees before they even know the person’s names.” Conway further went on to say that this obstinance and obstruction is the modern Democrat party. I think it is going to cost them as they are hysterical about everything now. Everything makes them cry and scream.” It seems that way and makes one wonder who is informing Democrats that this is a winning strategy?

VIA The Politico:

Donald Trump has been president for less than two weeks but already his administration has exposed Democrats as “a bunch of crybabies” who are unwilling to work with a leader they don’t agree with, counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway said Thursday morning.

“The democratic party, we’re seeing it unravel in front of our eyes and we’re seeing it be revealed in front of our eyes,” Conway said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning. “A bunch of cry babies who say that they’re going to oppose Supreme Court nominees before they even know the person’s name and his academic credentials and impeccable judicial record.”

“This obstinance and obstruction is the modern Democratic Party,” she said. “I think it’s going to cost them because they’re hysterical about everything now. You can’t even — there is no gradation of hysteria. It’s everything makes them cry and scream.”

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